Club Penguin Babies

Have you noticed Babies around Club Penguin? These are Penguins that want to be Babies and they want to be Picked. Being Picked is something that brings joy to Club Penguin Babies because they are allowed to move into their Mother's Igloo. They can have a Sister, Brother, Puppy, Etc. Their Mother usually let's them do whatever they want to do. It's actually pretty fun if you give it a try. They will treat you Nicely and Properly unless you get too annoying. You always have to watch out who Picks you. Alot of Babies will say "No Thank Woo" If it's a Boy. Because Boys usually abuse Babies more than Girls do. But Girls can still be Baby Abusers. So watch out who you trust. You also must learn Translation for Baby Language. This will be explained in a Moment. You also must learn how to Communicate if you are a Baby New Born. If you say "Is Baby New Born" Then you shouldn't talk at all. If you talk, Penguins won't think you are a New Born. You must also learn something called "Cute Talk" Which means you say stuff like this "Draws with broken crayons." or "Sits alone in small box." This will grab Penguin's attention to you and then they might Pick you. Sometimes they want to see if you are Cute enough to be their Baby. They will test you in a Way. They will wait for you to say stuff like "Clings to." or "Tank Woo so much!" This should make them more considerate whether to choose you or not. If you want a Sister, Brother, Puppy, Etc. Then ask your Mother if you can have one. Just go up to a Baby or Puppy and say "I Pick Woo." or "Hwi Puppy." This will most likely get you a Brother, Sister, Puppy, Etc. When you get to your Mother's Igloo, Say stuff like "Wowie!" and "Woo cool Muh Muh." and that will make her get you an Elmo or something else suprising. Here are some other Steps on how to live a wonderful life as a Club Penguin Baby


1. Make sure you go on very crowded Severs so Penguins have much more Babies to choose from. Penguins want a good selection of Babies. If they only see you and your not very Cute, They might say "Aww Man! No cute Babies." That will just tear your Heart out, Wouldn't it? So make sure you are Cute and you go on Populated Servers.

2. Wear Cute Clothes that make you stand out in the Crowd. Make sure they are all Cute. One way to get Picked before Penguins even enter the Pet Shop is to be a Homeless Baby and sit outside the Pet Shop. Make sure you are still Cute, But not too Ugly. Try to make sure you say very lonely things like "Sits alone in corner." and "Falls asleep and dreams about Family." Then Penguins will be attracted to you and want to Pick you and give you a Loving, Caring, Nice Family.

3. Decide if you are a Baby, Toddler, or a Baby New Born. There is a huge difference between the Three. Babies have a small Vocabulary. Toddlers can usually talk better than Babies or New Borns. New Borns shouldn't talk at all.You should say stuff like "Goo Goo." and "Agoo." This will also attract many Penguins to you if you say it right.

4. After hard work of Showing off your Cute Baby Clothes and Stuff, Someone should come up to you and say "I'll be your Muh Muh." or "Awww!" or "Awww! So cute!" and then maker sure you add them if they Pick you. You need to add them so you can go to their Igloo and start the Family. Make sure you are prepared for this.

5. Make sure you can find an Area in the Pet Shop that your Speech Bubbles won't be Blocked. If it's Blocked, You went to an Over-Loaded Server. That means you need to switch Servers. You also need to say stuff like this to help you get Picked. "Waaa!" "Cries for Muh Muh." "Chews on Hospital Bracelet." "Wishes for Mwa Mwa." Cries softly into Wittle Flippers." "Chews Wittle Flippers." "Tries to say Mwa Mwa." Sits in Pink/Blue Stroller." Sits in box that says Burn Later." "Opens big Blue Eyes to the World." Make sure you aren't afraid to look sad infront of other Babies and Penguins. That increses the Picking Chance.

6. Always have fun. Try to be nice to your Muh Muh/Duh Duh if they Picked you. Even if they are being Mean, Just sit there and act like your Confused. Watch out for Baby Abusers. They only make things worse. Watch out for Devil Parents, They say stuff like "Cooks in Boiling Water." and "Burns Baby." Just ignore them and continue on.


1. If your Old Parents never come on Club Penguin or they Deleted you, This is a Sign of Child Abusement. Also, If you never see them, That means they are Banned Forever, Quit Club Penguin, Found a new Baby, or they hate you. If any of this Happens, Then find a New Family at the Pet Shop. It will always work out eventually.

2. Always try to get a Muh Muh and a Duh Duh. It helps the Family alot more. It also benefits on the Babies side. If you have a Father and a Mother, It will be easier to stay together as a Family because they might argue but they will resolve the Issue. Try to stay out of the Fights or they might end up Deleting you. Some times, If you are involved in the Fight, Your Parents might be arguing how the Relationship isn't working out. Then one Parent might want to be your Mother and your Mother only, No Fathers.

3. When you see a Baby getting adopted. Then quickly add them before they leave to their Igloo. Otherwise, Penguins will know that you were trying to Cheat your way in on an Easy Family. But make sure you add them before they Leave and before they say "My Igloo Sweetie." or something like that.

4. Act like a Baby, Never be too Mature for your Parents. Always say things that a Baby would say. Always do Funny, Adorable, Cute things to make your Parent love you much more than ever before! Try to get into some Cute Mischief around your Parents Igloo. Also, Act like you are playing with certain Toys like Dolls, Blocks, Elmo's, and other stuff.

5. Be ultra Cute! Always mispronounce Words so it looks Cute on Club Penguin. Make sure you don't say something bad by accident, It will only result in a Prominant Ban. Say stuuf like "Clings to Muh Muh's leg." "Sings Cutely." "Chews Wittle Flipper." "Giggles Cutely." "Looks at Muh Muh Cutely." Falls asleep very slowly." "Claps hands but Misses."

6. Be patient. Always wait for the right Penguin to Pick you, The time will come. Always make sure that you don't mess up in the Pet Shop and say Stupid things that make Penguins go "Oh sick...I thought these were Babies." Gross things will only make Penguins use the Barf Face or say "Blaaah!" It results in complete humiliation. Don't forget that Babies are watching too which means if you do something Sick, They won't be your Brother, Sister, Pet, Etc.

7. If your a Lonely Baby in your Muh Muh's Igloo, Then just ask her if you can have a Sister,Brother, or a Pet! They will do anything for you. Pet's usually include Dragons, Puppies, Kitties, Bunnies, and Many More Pets! Don't always go for a Dragon because they might be a Baby Abuser in disguise.

8. Try to go to Igloo Parties. It makes Penguins more anctious to Pick you after awhile. Try going to something like a Forest or Haunted Camp. Then be scared of it and start Crying. It will attract attention to you and make you more Cute. Then someone should Pick you if you preform this correctly.

9. You do not have to be a Member to do this. However, It would help you if you had some Clothes on. Try getting a few Clothing Items if your a Non-Member. Just wait for some Parties to come and then just get the Free Item. After time, You will have enough Items where you can look like a Real Baby! Remember, This takes time.

10. If you want a Large Family, Then try to ask if Babies will be your Sister or Brother. If they say Yes. Try to get more Babies to Join in so you can be a big Family. Also try to get One or Two Pets so the Parents won't have to keep up with you. Just act like you are Occupied by the Pets and not the Parents.

11. If you see a Baby Abuser, Report them right away and try to Ignore them so you aren't in the way of Doom and Destruction. Try not to say certain phrases either. Some of the phrases attract a Baby Abuser. But remember, Stay out of a Baby Abuser's way and just sit back and ignore them. Also remember to Report them so they won't do it again.

12. When you get Bored. Try to come up with something so you don't get entirely bored and your Parents decide someone else. Try to get a Storm to start so your Muh Muh can take you somewhere else for safety. Try to get your Mother to take you Swimming or Camping. Also go to an Igloo Party with your Muh Muh so you can have fun together.

13. You can also have a Life on Club Penguin as a Baby. This is where you just go around doing Crazy Things with your Account. Just have fun and do cool things. Also, Occasionally get Picked so you won't get bored as a Baby. Make sure you attract attention so you are more thought of. Make sure some Penguins don't Pick you if you don't want them to.


1. Don't run away from nice Families that try to Pick you in the Pet Shop and then go up to a super Rich Lady and say "Clings to leg." It's very rude and shallow. Just because the Person who comes up to you is not Rich, it does not mean they will not give you lots of love and caring attention. Rich people may "Spoil" you and give you lots of Toys, but they will not necessarily adore you like normal People without all that Money and Publicity.

2.If a Wammy goes into the Pet Shop saying "Looks for little Angel that clings," you can be a little Clingy by saying, "Clings to nice Wady." But once they Pick you, don't over-do it. You can pretend to be Cute and helpless by being incapable of Walking or Crawling, you are a baby. But don't follow your Wammy around everywhere saying, "Clings to weg does not let go." Also, don't start Screaming and Crying every time your Wammy leaves the room. It gets really annoying after a while, and the Cuteness will fade away.

3. Don't sit in old Kfc boxes or McDonald's happy meal bags. Some Babies think it will make people feel sorry for them, but it doesn't. Sitting in a greasy old fast food container is not very Cute at all, not to mention disgusting! People will think you have very bad Hygiene and you will be Alienated.

4. It's okay to say things like, "Sits in old box," or "Is unwanted." These phrases make penguins actually make penguins feel sorry for you. Do not use phrases like, "Sits in box that says useless junk, Please throw away," or "Is in box that says please burn by tonight." It's best to avoid these phrases because these could trigger attacks by Baby Abusers. If you pretend to sit in a box that says "Please burn" don't be surprised if someone burns you, it's an obvious accident waiting to happen. It's pretty much just asking to be Burned for attention, which isn't a smart way of getting noticed.

5. Don't make up an excuse to be a brat or annoying. Don't keep falling, Getting burned, Trying to die, Screaming and Crying, and throwing fits. Don't say "Doesn't know better" because you do and you obviously know it. You're not a Baby in real life, you know better. Don't say "Doesn't know how to stop." Just stop. All you have to do is stop Crying, Falling into fires, and acting gullible. It's simple, Just stop.

6. It's okay to ask for a new Elmo once in a while, or even a couple siblings now and again. But don't ask for too much and threaten to run away if you don't get what you want, that's just going to make your Parents think you are a Spoiled brat. Your Parents will get overwhelmed and will probably drop you off at the Pet Shop.

7. If your parents are abusive creeps who hit, burn, drown, or torture you, for all means run away! But please, don't run away for stupid reasons. If you don't get the teddy you wanted for your birthday, accept it. That's life, you don't need to run away every time you don't get what you want. I mean come on, I'm sure you don't pack and run away when your parents give you chores to do, right? Why should it be so different on Club Penguin? Give your Parents a break, if you can't get what you want right the second you ask for it, accept it and ask another time. Who knows, if you act a little mature and you don't throw a fit your virtual parents will probably more likely get you what you want. The more you run away, the more predictable you become and you will soon become another stereotype.

8. Be nice to your Siblings and Family, don't be a little brat to your Sister if she comes in your room without asking. You'll get on a timeout and if you continue to be a bully your sibling will be treated like a princess and you'll be ignored like a Ghost.

9. If you come home and have a fit and start calling your parents names, destroying the house, and acting like a brat, it's back to the pet shop for you. When a Mwa Mwa goes to the Pet Shop saying, "Looks for little Angel" They're not kidding. They want an angel, not a destructive Demon. Do you think Club Penguin Parents are going to take that kind of crap? No, They will kick you out of their Igloo in a split second and report you to the Club Penguin Moderators. So, remember to be good. You don't have to be perfect, it's okay to throw a fit once in a while and of course cry, you are a Baby. But don't cause Heck for your Parents, you're lucky they decided to be nice enough to adopt you.

10. Remember, acting Cute doesn't mean crying all the time and driving your parents crazy with it. You can cry of course, you are a baby. But if your Mah Mah comforts you and calms you down, calm down! Don't keep wailing and screaming and carrying on. It can get really obnoxious when Club Penguin Aarents have to hear, "Waaaaaa!" all the time. Cry when you need something or you get hurt, but don't throw throw a huge fit and be a drama queen. This can overwhelm your parent, and who knows? This could stress them out in real life, not just Club Penguin.

11. No need to go to the Pet Shop and go for the "Get's thrown out of speeding car" routine. It gets really old after a while, and I mean come on, do you really think it's that likely that someone would be thrown out of a car on Club Penguin? It's a way to make People feel sorry for you by lying, which is very minipulative. It's not special anymore anyways, it won't make you unique if you pretend to be thrown out of the car, actually quite the contrary. Everyone does it, if you want to be unique make up something else Cute, but a little more honest!

12. If you get siblings and they are younger than you, please don't start crying and throwing a fit. It's ridiculous how many toddlers fight over who is youngest. If your parent decides another Baby is the youngest, accept it. You don't get to choose who is youngest out of your siblings in real life right? Try to think of it like that on Club Penguin. And come on, it could be fun being the oldest! You get to be a teenager faster, go out on your own before anyone else, and you can take care of your Baby brother or Sister and they will look up to you!

13. If your Club Penguin Parent gets hurt or gets very sick, don't just pack and run away! Chances are they aren't trying to scare you, they probably need help! Why leave your mom burning in an oven after all that she's done for you? Your caring Parents don't cry and run away when you accidently fall in an oven, do they? Besides, it's really cruel and sick when toddlers just run away when their Parents are dying. Help them the best you can, and if they die it's okay to be sad and cry! Help out your parents, they are usually the ones to help you out when you drown or Stupidly crawl into their fireplace. Why not do the same and pass the kindness back to them once in a while?

14. If you go to the Pet Shop saying, "Wants nice Muh Muh," or you act cute and you are trying to get a Family, running away and screaming every time someone comes up to you won't get you adopted. You can act a little scared, that's okay you are just a Baby. But don't run away saying "Screams Cutely!" When a nice Lady or Dah Dah comes up to you. It's rude and it can get very annoying. Who knows, it could hurt their feelings! Besides, why miss out on a loving Mother and nice Family waiting ahead of you? Now if a Baby Abuser comes and tries to steal or torture you, run away and scream for help, of course! But don't scream "Stranger Danger" Whenever someone comes to adopt you.

15. Don't go in the Pet Shop and say things like, "Is Cutest and Youngest on Club Penguin!" It's rude, and it will make other toddlers feel bad. Besides, it's not the truth. Not any individual Club Penguin toddler is the Cutest and Youngest, most toddlers are all equally Cute and Young. It won't make you special saying things like that, most toddlers just do that to get noticed or adopted and it actually doesn't really work that well. Sadly, Babies may do this because they feel bad about themselves and they want to high their self-esteem because they feel less Cute than everyone else, if they really felt they were the Cutest why would they need to try to brag to everyone about it?

16. Don't pretend to be a Ninja or have superpowers. It's rude and it gets really annoying. If your parents are being mean, just go to another server. Don't pack, don't run away. Chances are they will find you at the Pet Shop anyways. And why waste your time making a fool of yourself? Pretending to know karate will make you look like a Weirdo of some sort and your Parents will simply laugh at you. Remember, your Family may be mean, but they are not Stupid.

17. Don't try to breastfeed. Babies breastfeed in real life because they have to, but on a Computer game that would be your choice. So by trying to breastfeed on Cp you're pretty much just saying that you like to drink Boob Milk, Which is sick. If you like to breastfeed on Cp, Chances are some people may think you are Perverted, which you are if you like to Virtual Breastfeed. Don't threaten to run away or pretend you'll die if you can't nurse on your virtual mom. If you really think you have to make this gross choice, go ahead but don't say things like "Plays with Boo" or "Holds/Bits Boo cutely," It's Perverted. You're not a Baby in real life, so you obviously know better not to do things like that, so don't act all innocent and try to make your Parents guilty, because you know it's not their fault.

18. No playing Tum Tum games either! It's really perverted that you even want to get back in there and its actually against the Club Penguin rules by being Sexual talk! Besides, it looks more like your Mom is sitting on you!

19. Beware of "Baby abusers" that come into the Pet Shop and Hit, Kidnap, Burn, Punch, or Abuse toddlers up for adoption. If one does come, don't get scared, go to the secret agent Hq and tell the Psa you are in danger. They will come and arrest the Baby Abuser(s) Male Baby Abusers tend to try to look Spooky, or like a Gangster, possibly a Robot, or just plain spooky like a Robber, if it's a Female Baby Fbuser, They will most likely wear White Sunglasses and the Long Brown Hair.

20. Some other Babies might not like you. They might say they are cuter and younger and smaller than you. They might steal your toys. If this happens, tell your Muh Muh or Duh Duh about what happened. Report the Baby if you have no Parents.

21. Don't be annoying. If you cry because you are hungry or you made a stinky that's okay, just don't over-do it and scream and cry and throw fits when you don't get what you want, chances are that if your Family is mean, they will abuse or kill you in a split second, or they will probably just throw you out of their Igloo and drop you off in the Pet Shop.

22. Don't act like a brat in the Pet Shop and steal from other Babies and act mean, chances are you will not get a Family and people will turn against you. Act cute, and being a little scared around strangers is okay, just don't over-do it and scream and cry and run away screaming, "Stranger Danger!! Waaaaaa!" Whenever someone comes up to you, it can get pretty annoying, and it won't help you get a family. It can also increase the chances of a baby abuser attack! So, if you want to act obnoxious that's okay, just remember you probably won't get Picked and be careful when Baby Abusers are around, of course.